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10 Easy Ways to Save Household Energy with Your Rental Appliances

No matter how good of a deal you get on your rental appliance, the amount you truly spend overall depends on how you effectively you use the product once you have it. Energy conservation is a hot topic and everyone can do their bit – you’ll not only be helping the environment but also helping to cut your electricity bill by a considerable amount! Below we outline 10 easy ways you can limit the energy footprint of your rental appliances.

1. Consider the energy rating of the product before you rent

Every fridge, freezer, washing machine, dryer, television, computer monitor, and dishwasher has an energy rating. The more stars the appliance has, the more energy efficient it is deemed to be. Choose a highly rated one where possible.

2. Switch things off at the wall

Appliances can still use energy on stand-by mode so whenever you’re finished using something it’s good to get into the habit of not only turning the actual appliance off, but also switching it off at the wall.

3. Limit use of heating and cooling appliances

If you really think about it, maybe it’s not the smartest thing in the world to be sitting inside during winter in a singlet with the heat bumped up to 25 degrees. Layer up! Chucking on a jumper and lowering the temperature of the heater by a couple of degrees will save a ton of energy and money over time. Same goes in summer – instead of running the air conditioner at full blast 24/7, only use it when necessary. And if you only want to cool a smaller area, maybe a portable air conditioner is the best rental option for you.

4. Turn off lights whenever you leave a room + invest in energy saving bulbs

A simple flick of a switch can make such a difference. Make sure you turn lights off when you’re leaving a room, and especially when you’re leaving the house. These days there are great energy saving light bulbs on the market that give out the same amount of light and use a fraction of the power.

5. Use lamps instead of main lights

If you’re sitting in bed reading, switch on a lamp instead of using the main light.

6. Thaw food to reduce oven time

Putting frozen food directly into the oven takes longer to cook, which therefore uses more energy. If you have time, move your food from the freezer to the fridge in the morning so it can thaw throughout the day. Alternatively, use the microwave to thaw things before you cook them in the oven.

7. Only run the dishwasher and washing machine when you have full loads

Doing a full wash for a half loaded machine wastes water and energy. Make sure that, as often as you can, you are waiting until you have a full load of washing for your washing machine and a full load of dishes for your dishwasher.

8. Air dry clothes whenever possible instead of using a dryer

Dryers can use a lot of unnecessary power. Be more energy efficient and hang things up to dry outside on nice days, or buy a cheap indoor laundry rack for rainy days

9. Solar power 

The conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity, solar power has exploded over the last few years! Invest in some panels today and save in the long run.

10. Maintain appliances carefully

As my Nan going on one of her ‘common sense rants’ would say – the better you look after something, the better it will last. And she’s not wrong! The better your fridge is running, the less energy it requires. Maintaining your rental appliance well will mean you’re making the most of every cent and don’t end up paying off something that you’re no longer using.

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