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10 Handy Organisation and Cleaning Tips for Your Rental Fridge

If you’re human then I’m sure you’ve opened your fridge and had to ask ‘where is that funky smell coming from?!’ at least once in your life! We lead such busy lives these days that it is easy to forget that our fridges need a little (or a lot!) tender loving care every now and then. And especially if you have chosen to rent one of our beautiful side-by-side or French door rental fridges, you want to keep it looking at its best.

Cleaning Tips - Fridge

Ensuring that your rental fridge is clean will not only make things nicer in the present moment – it will also help prolong the life of the appliance so it will last you much longer. Just because your fridge is full doesn’t mean it has to be messy– here are our top 10 tips to stay on top of the clutter!

  1. Do a weekly produce cleanout and a complete clean each month – have a designated day each week (preferably just before bin collection day!) to throw away any bad produce before you get anything new so you know what you need to buy. Each month take everything out of your fridge and do a deep clean inside and out, checking the expiry on products as you put them back in. Make sure that you clean up any messes as they happen so it makes the weekly and monthly clean outs less overwhelming!
  2. Don’t store food in open cans – tin and iron can dissolve from the can walls and give foods a metallic taste and even cause food poisoning so stay well away from this by storing in plastic or glass containers.
  3. Avoid cross-contamination – store raw meat, seafood, and poultry in appropriate, sealed containers to prevent them dripping on other food. Never store these things directly above fresh vegetables.
  4. Always store leftovers in sealed containers (or with cling wrap) – make sure they’re together and in plain sight so they don’t get pushed to the back and forgotten about! It’s recommended to throw leftovers out after 3 or 4 days.
  5. Keep regularly used items and items that won’t perish quickly in the door – the door is the least cool area of the fridge so you should avoid putting perishable items like milk in this spot, instead keep things like salad dressings and canned drinks that won’t spoil easily.
  6. Invest in clear baskets and containers – this one is a total game changer! Use these baskets to help keep similar products together, and keep everything visible.
  7. Something to keep the odour away – placing an open container of baking soda in your rental fridge can help keep any bad odours at bay. Alternatively, try soaking a cotton ball in vanilla and placing it inside an unused open jar in the fridge. When you stop noticing the vanilla scent, simply replace the cotton ball with a new one!
  8. Don’t cram things in – your fridge needs airflow to properly cool your items, and this can’t happen when everything is jammed in!
  9. Know which fruits and vegetables to store separately – different fruits and vegetables produce a gas called ethylene, which some other fruits and vegetables are especially sensitive to. This can speed up the ripening process, meaning things go bad quicker. It is mostly fruits that produce this gas and vegetables that are sensitive to it, so as a general rule it’s good to keep them apart.
  10. Don’t forget about the freezer – this will need a once a month cleanout as well! Throw out anything that is more than a year old, and rotate things from the back to the front. Check out our range of stand-alone freezers if you need more room!

Keeping your fridge organised will also help you save time and money – you’ll spend less time fumbling around trying to find what you’re after, and less money on grocery shopping because you’ll know exactly what you need and won’t double up on anything.

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