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5 Top Items to Rent-to-Buy for when it’s time to Move out of Home.

While you might think yah I have freedom and I FINALLY get my own place.  Reality soon sets in. Many young people who are leaving home can find themselves with a lack of available funds with which to purchase the appliances and goods they need.

Too often young people settle for second hand goods which can be unreliable. By choosing a rent to buy option, young people can have all NEW high quality name brand appliances and furniture immediately at their disposal with no upfront costs. From household appliances to furniture, Direct Appliance Rentals has it all covered to get your started!
So below we have a list of the 5 top rent-to-buy household items you will need!



How else will you keep the beers or wine cold???  No seriously if mum hasn’t let go of the apron strings yet, you may have food that you will need to keep cold too.  If not, left over takeaway needs to be refrigerated.  We have from the basic Top Mounted Fridges right up to those fancy ice machine ones that sound amazing when the ice hits that glass!

Washing Machine

Damn now you’re on your own and Mum and Dads is a fair drive away, you may need to go near one of these when you are down to your last pair of socks and jocks. There is just no escaping this downside of moving out of home. See our Top Loader or Front Loader washer options to help make it easier for you – Direct Appliance Rentals have a whole range to rent to buy.


Well we don’t need to explain the obvious of why you need this.  Let’s just say a new and improved one could do your social life wonders!! And along with your new bed, don’t forget to add some new sheets 🙂


Its game day!  How about a New Smart LCD TV for you and all your mates to enjoy that important game that can’t be missed.  Or catch up on the latest Netflix movies.   So get the popcorn ready and check out our latest Smart TVS.


Once again this is too obvious.  Check out some of our range of lounge suites – sometimes you can’t quite make it to that comfy bed. 🙂

Call Direct Appliance Rentals on 1300 339 415 or visit our website to see our range for yourself. We deliver free throughout Australia!!

Happy Moving from the Team at Direct Appliance Rentals!!