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9 School Lunchbox Wrap Ideas For Kids

When I was a kid, I had the same old vegemite sandwich in my lunchbox every single day. Not very inventive! So I can safely say that, from personal experience, eating the same school lunch on the daily isn’t exactly exciting. Not being exposed to many different foods resulted in me growing up to be quite a picky eater as a teenager and young adult– not a fun thing for any parent to have to deal with!

Exposing your children to different foods when they are young and impressionable makes them more likely to try different things as they get older. If your child doesn’t immediately take a liking to a new food don’t give up – studies show that the more times a child tries a food, the more likely they are to warm up to it.

So even if they say they don’t like something, keep presenting it and just ask them to have 1 taste as researchers say that it can take up to 20 times to decide they like a food.

All this being said, it can still be easy to fall into a safe routine when it comes to school lunchbox ideas. It’s tough to constantly be thinking of new combinations and ingredients to use!

Keep things interesting – get inspired to be creative with these 9 school lunchbox wrap ideas for kids.

1. The classic Mexican Burrito

use minced meat, your child’s favourite salad ingredients, corn, and avocado for a delicious Mexican burrito! Leftover meat? Either freeze it for future use or create another Mexican dish for dinner. This one can be messy so may be best left for kids that are a little older.


2. Avocado rice paper roll

pick up some rice paper from the Asian section at any big supermarket and roll it up following the instructions on the packet with avocado, lettuce, carrot, and any other of your child’s favourite salad fillings. You can even add cooked rice, noodles, or even some chicken to make it extra filling!


3. ‘Pizza’ toastie

put all your child’s favourite pizza toppings in a wrap (tomato paste, cheese, ham, etc). Then toast it quickly before school. Even cold this one is super delicious and a personal favourite in my family.

4. Peanut butter and banana

something sweet! A combination that is sure to be popular with your child. This one can be packed as lunch or a snack, or even kept at home for an afternoon pick-me-up for after school. Don’t forget to make sure that your school allows the use of nuts and peanut butter in lunches. And there are no kids who suffer from anaphylactic reactions.

5. Hummus, meat, and salad

a simple twist on the classic meat and salad wrap. Spreading on some hummus adds a different flavour and plenty of omega 3 fatty acids. It’s great for maintaining a healthy heart and improving intelligence.


6. Peanut tofu

a delicious and filling Asian-style vegetarian wrap full of protein! You can bake your tofu and use a store-bought Thai peanut sauce to speed things up if you want a nice vegetarian option for your child.


7. Tuna, mayo and lettuce

a classic lunchbox wrap idea that ensures your child gets their healthy fats for the day. You can always add some avocado – yum!


8. Pasta or potato salad

this one sounds a little strange but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! You can either use a store-bought salad or if you have time you can whip up your own. Plus have leftovers for your own lunch or the family dinner!


9. Rice, beans, guacamole, lettuce, and salsa

Mexican is my favourite cuisine so it only feels right to start and end the list with a Mexican option! This is such a simple, cheap, and filling recipe that can be constantly changed up. Use white or brown rice, lettuce or baby spinach, and different types of salsa. Pretty much just put left-over dinner in a wrap, put it in the sandwich press for a few minutes and presto. Yummy toasted wrap for lunch!

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