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9 Tips to Make Grocery Shopping Easier

As much as we all seem to dread it, unfortunately grocery shopping is something that needs to be done if we don’t want to go hungry!! What should be simple can turn out to be quite a stressful task, especially when you have to take the kids along.

Never fear, here are a few simple supermarket tips you can use to take the pain of out this essential weekly task and fill the fridge!

1. Always have a list

As much as I like to think I have a good memory, I have been known to go to the shops only needing 3 things and still somehow managing to forget something! Ensure this doesn’t happen to you by having a list written out of everything you need.

A good idea is to create a meal plan for the week ahead and add all the necessary ingredients to your shopping list. This will save you time and money, and ensure that you avoid those annoying pre-dinner rushes to the supermarket.

Have a list stuck to your fridge so that whenever you’re cooking and think of something you need you can jot it down there. Check out these great free printable shopping lists and remember to check the specials catalogue as well!

2. Shop during off-peak hours

If you can, try and avoid the long lines by heading to the shops outside of peak times. According to this little experiment, the best times to do grocery shopping tend to be early in the morning or late at night if your schedule allows it.

There’s an extra bonus that comes along with late night shopping as well! Often things are reduced to clear at the end of the day so not only will you save time by avoiding long lines, but you could also save a bit of money too and store extras in the freezer.

3.Organise a time to leave kids with friends or family

This one is the ultimate tip to make your grocery shopping run as smoothly as possible! If you have close friends or family who can watch the kids for an hour or two while you get things done then make the most of it! If they have kids as well then you can return the favour and make it easier for everyone.

4. Invest in sturdy reusable bags

You can buy simple reusable environmentally friendly grocery bags and cooler bags from most supermarkets now, or if you want something a little different then Etsy have some unique reusable bags for sale. For a small cost you’ll be helping the environment and also avoid the annoying inevitable broken plastic bag handles.

5. Stick with the same store

Different supermarkets have vastly different layouts. Having a regular store means that you’ll know where (almost) everything is and save a heap of time not having to go back and forth between aisles scanning every shelf.

6. Buy non-perishable items in bulk

A good supermarket tip is to stock up on pantry essentials in bulk whenever you notice that they’re on sale so you’re never running out of things you need. When you use something and notice that you’re running low, immediately pop it on your pretty new shopping list so you remember to pick it up the next time you’re at the grocery store.

7. Have your products ready for checkout

This is where common sense comes in – be mindful about how you pack your trolley as you make your way around the store. Grouping similar items together in your trolley will not only speed up the checkout process and make things easier on the cashier, it will also prevent fragile items like bread and eggs from getting squashed as well as keep cool items together.

8. Don’t shop on an empty stomach

Did you know it has actually been proven that shopping when you’re hungry leads to buying and therefore eating more unhealthy food? People who do their grocery shopping on an empty stomach are 23 percent more likely to select processed junk foods. Avoid the temptation by making sure you do your grocery shopping on a full stomach.

9. Try and shop round the perimeter

As a general tip, try and do the majority of your shopping only around the outside of the grocery store. This is where most of the healthy foods such as fresh produce are kept, and you’ll find that most of that tempting junk food is hiding down the middle aisles.

Now that you’re all loaded up with grocery shopping tips, head down to your local supermarket and check out the difference it makes!

Maybe without the kids you’ll even have time for a sneaky coffee or manicure too 😉