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Affordable furniture for rent online

Direct Appliance Rentals offers you affordable furniture that will save you money and time. You can rent our products for cheap weekly fees.

Renting furniture when you are living on a budget is practical. You will not have to spend all your money on one product. Instead, you can rent affordable furniture from Direct Appliance Rentals for a cut-rate price. You can equip your home, no matter the income, by renting affordable furniture.

Browse through our online catalogue. You will find everything you need for your living area for a low price. Call us to start the application process!

Furnishing your home by buying every piece of furniture is slow and very costly. Renting is a better option, as you can acquire the appliances now and for a much smaller cost. Planning your budget is simple with fixed fees.


Moreover, you can focus on other expenses instead of spending all your money to buy one item. The smart option is not going to put extra strain on your credit card.


Of course, you can buy from the flea market, but the product is not new and functional. The worth of furniture devalues at a fast rate. When the equipment is not new, its value is bound to plummet even quicker.

Renting provides you with new items, which you can return at the end of the term.

Direct Appliance Rentals is here to offer you cut-rate furniture for a reasonable price. If you have credit difficulties, take a look at our 12-month RentPlus® program. The package is for low-income families or customers. We aim to help you rent quality goods at a low price.

Browse the amazing bargain furniture on our online store. The renting prices start at just $6.

Direct Appliance Rentals features bargain furniture for low prices and decent quality. Our website is very easy to navigate, so you will have no problem searching through the categories and current deals.


We offer kitchen rentals where you can find functional freezers and cookers. We divide the laundry rentals into sections about washing and drying clothes, and the bundle offers include both for a low price.

The group of electronics is reasonably priced so that every customer can find an affordable item. We feature different appliances with good quality, which suit your momentary needs.

The home entertainment theatres, TVs, and consoles are perfect for children and adults. Rent electronics with the best performances available for a small weekly price. Direct Appliance Rentals also rents heating and cooling appliances and machines.

Our most extensive section is rental furniture. You can rent discount sofas and specials for the garden.

We also feature equipment for the kid’s areas and beautiful, low-cost nurseries.

Choose the pieces that will best complement your home from our low price furniture offer.

Combing through the furniture category, we singled out the most affordable furniture pieces:

    • ELLIOT SOFA SET – is a practical, luxurious and functional sofa set. the sofa has two built in recliners and comes with two reclining arm chairs. Available in Grey &  Seafoam. This sofa can fit your entire family in one place, which makes it perfect for movie night. The sofa also comes with premium wide padded seats. The sofa set is under a 6-year guarantee.

    • VERONICA QUEEN BED – is useful and elegant. The bed will brighten up your bedroom and give you the perfect support while sleeping. It comes with a fitted mattress and high white glossy sleek frame. This item has a three-year guarantee.

    • BRIAN DINING SUITE – is sophisticated and sleek, built with a bright glass table top. Sturdy black metal legs support the glass. It comes with seven pieces, six chairs, and a table. For peace of mind, it comes with a three-year warranty and is multifunctional. It perfect for apartments, houses and offices, complementing each space with its modern design.

    • STACEY ENTERTAINMENT UNIT – has modern functionality and a retro look. It combines dark wood and white cupboards that catches the eye. The entertainment unit features an affordable price, and it is a practical household item.

    • TYLER SOFA BED – is an efficient piece of furniture made of charcoal or linen fabric that has more than one function. You get a six-year guarantee and a convenient sofa, ideal for smaller rooms.

    • TORQUAY OUTDOOR SETTING – comes with a one-year warranty. The set features a two seater sofa, two armchairs and a coffee Table with a easy-to-maintain aluminium frame. If you have a balcony or a backyard, this package is practical, cheap and more than worth the money.

Durability, transport, and maintenance are the reasons why renting is the best choice in today’s modern world.

When you change apartments, you need to take your furniture with you, but the process of moving equipment and appliances is expensive and lengthy. You can sell it for a small price or lose money by giving away a previously pricey investment.

You will have to pay for TRANSPORTATION & MOVERS and plan if your furniture will fit in the new apartment. When you rent, you will not have problems like that.

Moreover, our delivery is always free.

DURABILITY is also not an issue when it comes to renting. You are renting quality products in a brand new condition under warranty. You are getting every perk an owner gets when he buys the furniture. The only difference is you can stop paying for the item when the renting period ends and return it to us.

MAINTENANCE COSTS are also a financial concern when you buy an item. If you rent the product, you cut those expenses. When you rent affordable furniture from Direct Appliance Rentals, you save money at the begin and in the end.

Apply to rent a sofa, a bed or a TV today. We are waiting for you!


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