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Best Rentals for School – Tablet or Laptop?

Whether we like it or not, the times are changing. Gone are the days of being awarded your pen license at school and getting hand cramps from copying lines off the blackboard. Kids these days are tech savvy and schools are following suit!

Many schools now ask or even require children to bring their own devices to the class. They’re becoming an essential appliance rather than a luxury item.

Tablet or Laptop? Best Rentals for SchoolTablet or Laptop? Best Rentals for SchoolTablet or Laptop? Best Rentals for School

Buying computers outright is an expense that a lot of people can’t afford. Especially when you factor in all the extras such as protective cases, printers, portable hard drives, antivirus software etc. That’s why renting essential appliance items such as laptops, tablets, or even other tech items at a low weekly price with no deposit or delivery fee is an option more and more people are turning toward!

If in doubt of the exact Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) requirements your school has for laptops and tablets, it is best to give them a call and discuss it with them directly.

Keep reading below to get an overview of the features of each product and decide which is most suitable for your child’s needs.

Important things to consider when choosing a laptop or a tablet:

  1. SOFTWARE AND CONNECTIVITY It’s crucial to check whether your school requires Windows or Mac technology and if all the required programs (such as Microsoft Office, Adobe etc.) are able to be installed on the device you’re looking at renting. Wi-Fi connectivity is a must-have these days. You should also research whether the laptop or tablet has Bluetooth and printer connectivity, USB ports, and a disc drive.
    If your child is needing to use the device all day in class, battery life is obviously something important to consider as they may not always have access to charging ports, and will need the laptop or tablet to last as long as possible on a single charge
  3. PORTABILITY How heavy is the device? Will your child be able to easily carry it around in their school backpack without causing extra strain on their backs, or taking up all the room in their bag?
    As your child moves up in their schooling years, the need for storage space will increase. If several large programs will be installed and extra space is required for images and movies, this needs to be considered.



Tablets have many advantages over laptops, the main ones being their cheaper price points and lighter designs. They are smaller and therefore much more portable than laptops, which can be quite bulky and awkward to transport.

Their portability makes them the best option for on-the-go education like excursions. Tablets are a great choice for primary school aged children and kids in their first couple of years of high school who don’t have to do too much typing.

While they don’t come with an actual keyboard, compatible wireless Bluetooth keyboards can usually be bought separately and connected if needed.

Tablets are also great for app usage and can be used with a digital pen, which makes them a fantastic choice for creative kids who like to draw! Their battery life also lasts far longer than that of a laptop so why not consider renting a tablet today?



Laptops are bursting full of features that may make them the best choice for your child. They have larger screens than tablets and have built-in keyboards. This is essential for kids in high school who need to do a lot of typing, as this task can be very tedious when done with a touch screen.

Laptops blow tablets out of the water when it comes to processing power and hardware specifications. Multi-tasking can be accomplished as programs can run side by side – an option not available on most tablets, and even if it is, the split screens are often too small to be functional.

Software compatibility is another area where laptops generally win over tablets – specialized programs such as Adobe Photoshop require the processing power of a laptop to run efficiently.


Have you ever considered getting something that brings together the best of both worlds – a hybrid?

2-in-1 computers are a hybrid, combining all the best features of tablets and laptops into one great device!

If you need something a little extra we also offer rental bundle options – including choices like a laptop and printer for printing out assignments at home. Or perhaps you need a bigger monitor for your child to work on homework after school? Why not check out our desktop computer rentals? If your child saves their work on a portable hard drive they can easily transfer their homework from their portable device to a large desktop screen in seconds.

Invest in your child’s future today without any upfront cost – apply online now!

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