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How to choose the best computer for your Rent to Own plan

Where do you start? You need a computer, but money is a little tight right now. Or your kids are just starting a new school year and they need a laptop. Why not rent to own a NEW Laptop, tablet or Desktop and have the latest model?

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If like so many you are not sure how you are going to come up with the money along with all the other costs, renting may be your solution.

Narrow down the search for your next computer with the following tips – depending on who is the user:

Something for the kids?

Are you looking for something for the kids that also allows portable entertainment, then a tablet may be the right option for you. No more “are we there yet?” while on long car drives or ‘I’m bored’ on rainy days.   Easy for them to hold and use.   Check out our range of rent to own iPads starting at only $10 a week.

Teenagers/students computer

Or maybe you have a teenager or student in the house so a portable laptop may be better suited.   They may need quiet study time away from the bustling household so something light with wi-fi allows them to hide away in their rooms or the portability factor to take outside the home. We suggest a HP 245 G7 laptop would be a great model as they are so compact and light, have great memory storage for all those downloads that teenagers love and they come in some awesome colours, how can you go wrong!

Family desktop computer

You may decide to go with the option of one main computer such as a desktop for the whole family to share! Placed in a central part of the home means you can monitor your child’s usage and keep an eye on the sites they visit. We have entry and mid-level entry desktops on our website and our friendly DAR team can assist you to choose the best model to suit your needs.

Gaming computer

You’re into games! Just send us a quote from your favourite store and you can rent one through us easy peasy.


Once you have decided who and how you need to use your computer or tablet, the next important step is to understand your basic tech requirements.

To help you out we have listed the most important specs to look at:

Portability: our rent-to-own computer options come in all sizes and weights so think about whether you need something light or if it doesn’t matter

Battery life: This is pretty important when using laptops so make sure you can get at least three hours battery life or you might not have the freedom you need.

Screen size: The bigger the screen, the shorter the battery life so do you want to watch a lot of movies or do you need a smaller screen for the kids to hold?

Memory: RAM is used to run applications, browsers and operating systems so if you are running a lot of apps, you may want to up the RAM.

Hard drive: Your computer’s storage capacity is critical for downloading content.

If you need any help with choosing a rent to own computer option, contact our friendly Direct Appliance team on 1300 339 415 or visit our website to fill in our online app and we can have you an answer within 4 hours!!