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How to Clean Your Stainless Steel Household Rental Appliances

If you’ve ever rented a stainless steel appliance then you’ll know that they only stay ‘stainless’ for about two seconds! Then come the dreaded kid’s fingerprints, and suddenly sleek is a thing of the past!! Stainless steel can be tricky – not all companies use the same grade or type, so different cleaning methods may be required. However, there are some general things that are tried and true – one of these are sure to work for your household rental appliance!.

Whether it’s a dishwasher, fridge, oven, or even a sink– here’s how to make it shine once again.


The best kind of cloth to use on stainless steel is something super soft like microfiber. Steer well clear of rough scrubbing brushes and steel wool. Microfiber absorbs all the water without scratching the surface of your rental appliance.


Like wood, steel has a grain. If you look closely you can see which way it goes, and clean in this direction. If you go against the grain, marks are more likely to show up, and you’re also more likely to scratch the household appliance.


The first option to try is trusty old water! You’d be surprised what this can remove. Use warm water and a gentle cloth. Make sure you dry afterwards with a towel or microfiber cloth to avoid any annoying water marks


If the water just isn’t cutting it, try mixing it with some vinegar. Cheap and versatile, vinegar is a great cleaning product for every room in the house. If you’re still not finding that your stainless steel is as clean as you’d like, go one step further and use the vinegar undiluted.


A great option for removing food or grease is a drop of a gentle dish soap with warm water. Don’t over-do it – if you use too much detergent it will leave a soapy residue. Remember to towel dry afterwards!


Wondering how to clean your stainless sink? Give this a go! Sprinkle roughly two tablespoons of baking soda onto the surface (make sure it’s dry) and use a damp sponge to spread it around and rub it in. Pour vinegar (or put in a spray bottle for a more even coverage) over the top and leave for about 10 minutes to react with the baking soda, then rinse and dry well. You may want to get an inexpensive rubber mat to place in the bottom of the sink to protect it from being scratched by cutlery (just make sure you take it out and clean it weekly!)


A lot of people we’ve spoken to swear by good old Windex to clean their stainless steel! It works wonders to keep those pesky fridge and freezer fingerprints at bay – gently wipe over them in a circular motion and they should disappear. A handy tip is to spray the cleaner onto the cloth you’re using instead of directly onto the household rental appliance itself – this avoids the product dripping everywhere and also prevents using more product than necessary/wastage.


Slightly moisten a cloth with a little olive oil to polish with the grain. You can use this handy tip when taking care of other household rental goods too!


If everything you have tried so far is leaving streaks on your appliance, you may want to consider going to a local hardware store and grabbing some stainless steel cleaner.

 With proper care and maintenance, your rental can look brand new for years to come.

Got any other secret tips to keeping your stainless steel shiny and spotless? We’d love to know!