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Fitness rentals from the best in Australia: Direct Appliance Rentals

Fitness rentals can help anyone on a tight budget to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s not always affordable to try to stay in shape; expensive gym memberships and at-home fitness equipment is not always in the cards.

That doesn’t mean you should give up on living healthier! Direct Appliance Rentals fitness rentals and equipment gives you the chance to get in shape without the expensive price tag that usually comes along with that goal.

Browse hundreds of fitness items, electronics, outdoor necessities and more that are available for a 12- or 24-month rental period throughout Australia.

Click here to apply for a rental and get same day approval.

The truth about exercise equipment

While finding time to exercise is often considered the hardest part about staying in shape, funding a healthy lifestyle can be just as difficult. The high cost of gym memberships and exercise equipment for the home is something that many households simply cannot afford.

Instead of being forced to make a choice between living well and having enough money to live comfortably, choose to rent fitness rentals from Direct Appliance Rentals.

Save hundreds on the equipment you want and the brands you love when you rent rather than purchase your exercise equipment. Direct Appliance Rentals has enough variety to satisfy any level of fitness buff; whether you’re an extreme cardio athlete or take fitness far less seriously, there is equipment for you.

Renting versus buying

Why should you rent fitness equipment?

Beyond the obvious, to save TONS of money, there are plenty of reasons to rent your fitness equipment rather than purchase it outright.

  1. Choose from a huge range of brands and products available
  2. 100% FREE delivery
  3. No deposit
  4. Bad credit alright, get approved from Direct Appliance Rentals anyway
  5. Low fixed payments

1. Plenty of brands and products

Direct Appliance Rentals is your one-stop-spot for any home appliances and equipment you want to rent.

Choose from high-quality, popular brands such as LG, Toshiba, NEC, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Simpson, Mitsubishi, Westinghouse, Kelvinator, Fisher & Paykel, Whirlpool, Technika and Haier.

Products range from fitness equipment, electronics like televisions and smartphones, and furniture. Miscellaneous other products include baby supplies, backyard gear and vacuum rentals.

The range of products available to rent are extensive; whether you’re looking to rent electronics, fitness equipment or anything else, Direct Appliance Rentals has it for you.

2. FREE delivery

Free delivery on any rental item means you get the most savings, every time. No matter where you are in Australia Direct Appliance Rentals will deliver to you at no additional cost.

Great customer service is at the core of Direct Appliance Rental business. They believe offering perks, such as no delivery charge means customers will return again and again, which is infinitely more important than making a profit.

3. No deposit

When you choose to rent anything, even sofas from Direct Appliance Rentals, you get free delivery AND no deposit on your rental item. There is no other appliance rental company that saves you money like Direct Appliance Rentals.

4. No penalty for bad credit

Direct Appliance Rentals understands that many people seeking appliance or furniture rental are doing so due to bad credit. In fact, that is one of the reasons the company was founded, as a desire to help lower-income households live comfortably and provide for their family.

Having bad credit should not keep you from living well. While this can sound careless, Direct Appliance Rentals has found an easy and affordable way to rent to their customers.

With low monthly payments, anyone can afford to rent an appliance or furniture at a fraction of the cost of purchasing the product.

5. Low fixed payments

More on low monthly payments…

No other appliance rental company helps you set a payment schedule that is A) fixed and B) low cost enough to be affordable for any household. Fixed payments mean there are no surprises throughout the duration of your rental contract.

Find gym equipment Hire

Gym equipment hire is essential to anyone looking for an at-home solution to working out that cannot commit to purchasing fitness equipment.

What is available for your at-home gym needs?


Rent a BodyWorx or York treadmill for the times you can’t be bothered to run outside or the weather won’t allow it.

Treadmills are a foolproof way to get exercise without having to leave the house or even turn off the television; get motivated to run when you give yourself the goal to run for the whole hour-long episode!

Exercise bike rental

BodyWorx offers stationary bikes for the days you get tired of the treadmill.

Choose a regular bike or a spin bike for your exercise needs.

Cross trainers

BodyWorx also offers a NEW Elliptical for rent. For a total body workout for less, choose a cross trainer machine from Direct Appliance Rental.

Hire gym equipment for less – get fit today!

The best way to achieve the body you want is with persistence and routine. It comes as no surprise that you need to adamantly stick to your workout routine to stay in shape and look great. Weight management is not just about looking good but also feeling healthy too! Hire gym equipment through Direct Appliance Rentals for the results you want without the hassle of expensive equipment.

The best fitness trainers know that one of the secrets to staying healthy is working out, even when you don’t want to. One of the best ways to achieve that is by ensuring you have access to adequate exercise equipment for the days you just can’t get yourself to leave the house.

With Direct Appliance Rentals, all this is affordable and easy, too! Apply online and get approved quickly, often in just four hours. With affordable, fixed payments and no deposits or delivery fees, renting from Direct Appliance Rentals for all of your household needs is a no-brainer.

For your fitness rentals, appliance rentals and electronics rentals, Direct Appliance Rental can’t be beat.

Apply for a rental or find a location nearest you today.


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