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How to Keep Your Garden in Top Shape

There is nothing more rewarding then getting into your garden and flexing your green fingers.

Now’s the best time – with social distancing rules and self-isolation, boredom can creep in. If you can’t go out, might as well get the exercise and fresh air while mowing!

Rent to buy lawn mower keep your garden in top shape

With the correct garden tools you can easily manicure your garden to a five-star standard.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large garden. If it’s overgrown with weeds or already close to perfection. Every garden can be transformed with a little time, some good tools and a pinch of creative imagination.

Rent a lawn mower and get started

If you don’t have the tools at hand to begin, you can always rent a lawn mower and any other garden tools to get you started with your garden maintenance.

Lawn Mower

Rent to own Maspot mower to keep your lawn in top shape

You can organise a rental lawn mower and make managing your lawn so much easier. How rewarding will it be to wiz through the lawn mowing with a top quality mower to make a beautiful lawn with freshly cut grass!

Renting garden tools means you can have the necessary tools straight away! No need to wait and waste time saving and no need to out lay your valuable cash all at once.

Another bonus when you rent a lawn mower (which is quite a large item) is that it will be delivered straight to your door ready for action.

When you rent a mower you can relax knowing you will be equipped with a brand new top quality product. It won’t break down when trimming the grass and keeping those pesky weeds at bay.

Whipper Snipper

rent to own lawn trimmer keep your garden in top shape

If you think your garden is too small to warrant a lawn mower, no worries the whipper snipper is here to dash to your aid. It is the ultimate handy and versatile garden tool.

Being cordless it can reach into all areas quickly and easily. Anywhere you can walk you can take the lawn trimmer. High and low and down into tight corners. It is also so easy to store making it a number one addition to any garden big or small.

Ride on Mowers

You can also lease ride on mowers. These are recommended if you have a huge garden with boundless lawn stretching to the horizon. When renting garden equipment the best option is the ‘rent to own’ option. This means at the end of the rental period you can keep the item.

Look up a “rent to own ride on mower Australia” on Google or fill out a contact form and we’ll do the work for you instead!

Start a vegetable or flower garden

When you know the local climate you can grow plants that will blossom throughout the year. Australia is the lucky continent and is suitable for growing many unique and intriguing plants, from fragrant blossoms to tasty treats.

Gardens are amazing to watch change with the seasons. If you pick the right plants for your garden you will always have glorious coloured flowers growing throughout the year.

The garden that keeps on giving

Working on your garden and watching it transform and grow will give you a sense of peace and accomplishment. You can choose to have a smooth cut lawn bordered by blossoming flower beds. Or opt for a vegetable patch that will give you produce or herbs for your kitchen.

keep your garden in top shape Garden rentals

With the prices of fresh produce going up it makes sense to start a veggie patch and save some money. Once you taste the difference between home grown and store bought you will not want to go back.

Either way you will have fun – guaranteed!


Renting garden equipment is a great option

When you start your gardening journey you will want to have the right tools for the job.

Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Rent to own hedge trimmer keep your garden in top shape

If you don’t want to rent a lawn mower or already have one try the cordless hedge trimmer. It is one of the many useful tools available to rent and will enable you to craft your hedges into works of art.

Cordless hedge trimmers are lightweight and easy to handle. You can wiz around your garden without getting tired. Make sure to choose a hedge trimmer which has a long lasting battery so you won’t have to return to the house to recharge. Instead you can spend hours absorbed in the art of hedge cutting.

Leaf Blower

Cheap vacuum blower rentals keep your garden in top sahpe

When all the cutting and trimming is done there is one garden tool that can’t be over looked – the mighty leaf blower. It may not cut, it may not trim, but in a matter of minutes it can blow your garden into perfect alignment. Saving you heaps of time!

Clearaway all the leaves and debris easily without disturbing a single plant. Ingeniously designed so that you can spend more time doing the fun things! You wont have to stand brushing in between plants and walls to get every last tricky to reach scrap.

What type of garden do you prefer?

It is pure gold to have the time and the space to be outside working creatively on you garden. There are many different types of gardens from landscaped, to rustic, practical to butterfly friendly.

Start by making a plan

Maybe you prefer a decorative garden with flowers sprinkled through out to bring it alive with bursts of radiant colour. Or do you prefer a practical garden full of vegetables? Research to select your favourite plants and decide where to place them. It is important to find the plants favourite location and soil. Some thrive in the warm sun, while others need shade.

Consider the Water and Soil

Some are thirsty and others prefer less water. If you have a thirsty plant that needs watering daily make sure it is close to a tap so that it is less time consuming to water. An important factor to planning your garden is to make sure you have quality soil. You can make this yourself by putting manure to its best use. The other option is to pick some up from your local gardening store.

Gardening for the environment

You will be happy to know that creating rich soil isn’t only good for growing plants it is good for the environment. Healthy rich nutrient dense soil traps CO2. What better way to realign your carbon credits and restore environmental balance then by having fun in your garden!

Special rental gardening bundle

If you know you want it all and nothing is going to stop you. Why not get an all in one rental garden bundle? All the tools you need for the garden are included in this package. The garden bundle includes a lawnmower, leaf blower, hedge trimmer and lawn trimmer.

rent to own Garden Bundle
Rent to own bargain Garden Bundle to keep your garden in shape

When you choose a rental bundle you will find it is not only convenient (everything you need will be delivered to your door all at once, no fuss) but that it is a better value too. You save time and money! Its a win win situation. “Brilliant” I hear your green finger tips say.

Find a rental store

Now you know it is an option to rent to buy mowers and garden tools you might be asking “where is there a lawn mower rental near me?”. The answer is simple, at the end of your budding green hued fingertips.

Just jump online and look for your local Direct Appliance Rentals. Lawn mower hire is quick and easy to arrange through Direct Appliance Rentals. The approval takes just 4 working hours! This means in no time you will have the necessary tools to start your gardening adventure.

Enjoy your piece of paradise

All you need is a little imagination, seeds, time and quality gardening equipment. Gardening doesn’t need to be complicated, but it is good to you have tools you can rely on. Not only will it make the job easier it will make gardening safer too. You’ll save on unnecessary accidents and damage.

affordable garden rentals keep your garden in top shape

When you have created your paradise you will be entitled to sit back like a true garden guru. With thumbs so green the hulk will be envious. Time to enjoy a fine wine or cool beverage and store your garden equipment rentals safely away in the garden shed. Sitting back with your favourite drink and enjoying your very own piece of heaven on earth is a priceless reward.

So it’s time to get started and make your neighbours jealous!