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Kids Activities Ideas During Covid 19

Are you stuck at home due to lock down restriction? Your children might be getting restless not being able to go to school or play with their friends. Are you running out of ideas to keep your children active and engaged?

Kids Activities During Covid - rent to own kids toys

Here are some coronavirus activities that any household can do so you can enjoy this special family time you currently have with your children.

There are probably a lot of items around your household that might not be getting used and can have multiple uses:

Kids Activities Indoors

Cook With Your Kids

This is an easy activity for kids indoors and you can make this as creative as your like. Bake some cookies or opt for a heathy balanced snack. Children as young as two can get involved in this activity.

Who does not love getting their hands in there mixing up ingredients. Check out this site for some yummy simple ideas.

Make a Den

Try making a Den with your furniture and spare blankets or sheets.

Recycle a Puzzle

Recycle an old puzzle or game with crayons or colouring pencils. Your children can create their own unique puzzle picture.

Super Hero

Now young or old who does not want to be a superhero. Grab some old T-shirts, pants, sheets anything you have laying around the house.  Let your young ones get creative while making their own superhero costume.

Maybe you can make one for yourself as well. Then have fun running around the house or garden protecting the place from the baddies (maybe Dad can be the bad man).


rent to own kids toys Kids Activities During Covid

Make Slime

Making slime is easy, just check out this link on YouTube for step by step instructions!

Write a Letter

Are your children missing their loved ones? Maybe their grandma or a neighbour that lives alone. They can write them a letter to let them know they are thinking of them. You child can ask if they need anything while stuck indoors. Also make time with your children for some video chats with their family and friends.

Create an Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course around the house with the sofa, mattresses, chairs or any sort of soft objects or furniture. To make it even more fun add in a little game.

Maybe they are not allowed to touch the floor or they have to throw items into a bucket while they jump through the obstacle course. Fun, exercise, and coordination perfect for rainy days.

Research your Family Tree

This is a good one for older kids and finding out where your family came from. It can be very satisfying. You can throw in a couple of history lessons as you research your family tree. This is a good way to learn more about wars your family may have been involved in or countries they are from. 


Outdoor Covid Activities

If you have an outdoor garden or when you are having that much needed walk/exercise with you kids. Why not try some of these ideas to keeps things fun and interesting:

Counting Teddy Bears

Great fun for those younger kiddies. Post a little note in your neighbours letter boxes. Asking for them to put some teddy bears in their front windows. Add in the notes to change the number of teddies every day or two. Then you kids have the fun of counting these along the way.

Treasure Hunts

These are great for when you have a few children at home. Hide some treats or items around the garden (this could also be a great one indoors too) and get the kids running around to find them. This is not only great for exercise, but a little competitiveness helps keep them entertained and engaged.

Grow your own Fruit and Veggies

This can be really rewarding for children. It is satisfying to watch the seed grow into their favourite fruit or vegetable. And you never know you little one may be a little green finger and you could save a little money down the line.

Rock Painting

Painting outdoors that sound like a dream to a mother. No paint on the floor or the walls. All you need is some paints and a few good size rocks. Its creative and arty and can brighten up any garden.

rent to own kids toys Kids Activities During Covid

Children Grow up Quickly

This is a difficult time for any family. People’s day and daily life have changed. There is a lot of advice and help available online. Homeschooling children is stressful.

These activities keep your kids entertained but also keep their little brains working. Helping to keep the minds and bodies active during this difficult time. Children grow up quickly, so turn this pandemic into a positive and spend these precious moments with your children.


rent to own kids toys Kids Activities During Covid