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Laptop Rentals We Recommend

Thinking about getting a new laptop but not sure which one to go for? There is so many on the market now all claiming to be great for one thing or another. But what is best for you? Is it for studying, personal use or even for work?

rent to own recommended laptop rentals

Trying to pick the right laptop can be daunting. Direct Appliance Rentals offer you the chance of renting a laptop without the costly price tag. Here are some options for you to make choosing that perfect laptop for your needs easier.

Personal Usage

Is your laptop for social networking, watching some great series on Netflix or maybe to store them valuable pictures and videos? Playing Games? Here are a couple of options for you:

HP 14″ Laptop Silver – from just $19 per week

This laptop packs a punch and is suitable for any family member. It has a 14” bright screen which is perfect for watching movies or the series you want to binge watch (who cares if we already seen it multiple times, right!).

rent to own recommended laptop rentals
Fantastic range of rent to own laptops to choose from

The 14″ HP cheap laptop rental has the option for a memory card, great for storing all your photos and videos. With its front facing camera and long lasting battery you will be able to socialise and keep in contract with family. 

Best of all from just $19 per week it is a bargain price too.

15.6” HP Pavilion Laptop – from just $30 per week

Want the newest technology? A laptop rental that has everything you would need? Well here it is!! If you enjoy playing games on your laptop, this will not disappoint.

Its large 15.6” screen makes it perfect for gaming, streaming, and watching movies. And for those that enjoy social media the built in webcam and microphone will help you create those perfect social media videos.

rent to own recommended laptop rentals
Need a new laptop – rent to own with DAR

All this and this smart HP Pavilion laptop also offers you the leading 10th Gen Intel Core i5 quad core processor. You can have multiple windows open and it will not be an issue.


Are you about to start studies or maybe need a laptop for home schooling your children? Any of these laptops would be great:

11.6” Lenovo Chromebook – from just $14 per week

This compact and affordable but powerful rent to buy laptop is perfect for those needing a laptop for education. With a 11.6” screen making it a practical and great size for portability.

The long battery life and built in virus protection is a great plus and will put your mind at ease when studying.


rent to own recommended laptops rentals
Practical laptop with virus protection – perfect for studying

The virus protection ensures this laptop won’t be slowed down. The long life battery means you won’t have to look for a spot to recharge when studying on the go.

It really is great value for money, this laptop will not disappoint.

HP 250 G7 Laptop – from just $21 per week

Want a laptop that is all-rounder and also good value for money? This is it!! With a large 15.6 screen HD Display fast Core i5 processes, 8GM ram, good storage space and it is also light weight. There is nothing this laptop is lacking.

rent to own recommended laptops rentals
Compact and powerful, perfect for studying – rent to own today

It is prefect for those that want a laptop for studies and personal use and as it is light weight.

Perfect for a person on the go. It has an easy to use basic set up and will run smoothly for any family member, no matter the age.

rent to own recommended laptop rentals

Working Purposes

Are you working a job that requires a laptop or do you just want one for your own work ideas, emails, and day to day task? Check out these laptops that are available to rent today!

HP core i7 Notebook – From just $39 per week

It may be the most expensive item in the recommend rent to own laptop list but for a good reason. The HP i7 laptop has everything you need for working purposes. With its large 15.6” screen, powerful processor and also add in the 8GB of Ram, making this the laptop with the leading and most up to date technology for all your working needs. 

recommended laptop rentals - rent to own
Needing up to date technology – rent to own this powerful laptop

It has the power for you to have multiple apps and documents open. Giving you that edge just like any desktop computer would.

14” Lenovo Laptop – from just $30 per week

Do you need a laptop for that is just a little more compact? Ideal for portable use for work and home life but not lacking in its performance?

recommended laptop rentals - rent to own
For home or office – rent this quality laptop

Then look no further, this awesome laptop is packed full of the latest technology. With 10th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, 8GM ram and ample storage. This a notebook all-rounder and perfect for that individual juggling home and work lifestyle.