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Other Furniture Items

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Application Process Details

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for but are interested in renting other furniture, you have come to the right place.


Our friendly staff goes above and beyond – we will discuss your preferences with you and find a suitable product. Even if it’s not listed on our website, we can organise a custom rental.


We are not like other rental agencies, we assess every applicant individually. Based on your circumstances we look for ways to make sure you get a rental and are happy with it.


Your Expression of Interest

In order to start the discussions with you, you just need to fill out a short contact information form, so that we can reach you.


Follow these easy steps:


  1. click APPLY NOW button on this page
  2. on the next page confirm by clicking APPLY NOW again
  3. Short contact form will appear – please fill it out
  4. Click NEXT
  5. You are done! Even though a longer application form may appear, there is no need to fill it out at this stage.
  6.  Our staff will contact you shortly


We’re looking forward to chatting with you!


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