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Renting Guide: Which iPad is Right for YOU?

If you’re after a laptop alternative that is practical, stylish, and portable (plus you want to avoid that dreaded laptop burn!) then the Apple iPad is the perfect rental option for you. Ideal for yourself or the kids and for both on-the-go or at home use, our great range of iPads are available to rent on 12 or 24-month contracts and you may be able to own the device for as little as $1 at the end of the rental term.

Back in the early days choosing an iPad was easy – you picked the storage capacity and the colour, and you were done! But as more and more designs are released, the choice gets a little more confusing. If you’re a little technology challenged like me then you probably have a million unanswered questions. What exactly is the difference between a Mini and a Pro? Do you really need Wi-Fi AND cellular connectivity?

Depending on how you intend to use the tablet and what you intend to use it for, a certain iPad in the ever-growing range may be more suitable to your needs.

Tossing up between renting the classic iPad, iPad mini, or iPad Pro and wanting the opportunity to own the product at the end of the term? We’ve outlined the key design and connectivity features of our current range to consider to help make the decision easier for you:

Cell or Wi-Fi? (or both?!)

All our iPad ranges are available with either cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity – and some devices even come with both! Cell connection is required if you’re wanting to use the internet while you’re out and about without a wireless broadband connection. This definitely comes in handy if you need something to keep the kids occupied while you’re doing the shopping or on long car drives.

If you mainly plan to use the device while you’re snuggled up in bed or on the couch at home then Wi-Fi connectivity should suit your requirements just fine.


Different iPad ranges have different displays ranging from 7.9 inches to 9.7 inches, to 9.7-inch retina display. This probably won’t matter too much to you unless you’re tech savvy and need to use it for a certain purpose. To put things simply the mini has a smaller screen than the other two options, and the Retina display basically just means that the pixel density is so high that it is impossible to discern the individual pixels from a normal viewing distance away from the screen. Most people probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, but if it is something that is important to you then make sure you check the specifications.

Storage capacity

iPads are available to rent in a range of storage options starting at 32GB all the way up to 128GB. While some tablets have the option to add additional storage, unfortunately, this can’t be done with Apple products. So make sure you choose carefully! 32GB is fine for light use but if you plan on taking a lot of photos and storing large volumes of videos and apps, then you will want to ensure that the iPad you are applying to rent has a larger storage capacity – especially if you are planning to own it long term.

So what are your options?


The original iPad! With a 9.7-inch Retina display, 8MP camera with 1080p video, and touch ID fingerprint sensor – it has everything you need for general use and is a cheaper option than the Pro.

This particular model comes in 32GB or 128GB. The 32GB option also comes in a bundle with a brand new iPod touch for only an extra $13 per week which gives you 16GB more memory – great for storing music. iPods come in a range of classic colours (gold, silver, and space grey) as well beautiful vibrant colours (pink or blue) if you’re after something a little fun and different.

iPad Mini

If you want something as compact and portable as possible but still jam-packed with features then the iPad Mini may be your best bet. The 7.9-inch display is smaller than its counterparts while still remaining extremely functional. It has an 8MP camera and 1080p video. It also features the touch ID fingerprint sensor for security and up to a whopping 128GB storage space for a cheaper weekly price than the Pro. Perfect for the kids as the smaller size makes it easier for them to hold!

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro contains all the great features of the original iPad plus more. The fastest and most powerful of the whole collection, this particular device is available in both 32GB and a massive 128GB storage. If you intend to use your iPad to take photos then the Pro will be your best bet – the 12-megapixel iSight camera with 4K video capacity is incomparable. Great for more advanced apps and photo editing! When connected with a keyboard and Apple pen it stands toe-to-toe with any normal laptop so is the best option if you are looking for something to replace an actual computer while retaining its portability.

We hope this article has helped make your decision a little clearer!

Apply to rent any of the products mentioned above on our RentPlus® program and you may even have the opportunity to own the iPad at the end of the contract for as little as $1.

Give our friendly team a call on 1300 339 415 with any further questions 🙂