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5 Tips to Stay Fit and Positive During the Coronavirus Pandemic

It is common knowledge that nothing beats nutrition and exercise when it comes to boosting your immunity and to help ward off potential illness. Now more then ever would be the perfect time to drop into your local gym and join up for classes. However lockdown has resulted in the closure of many businesses.

As the novel virus outbreak continues to sweep across the world we are witnessing the cancelation of events and the temporary closure of venues including gyms. So what are the alternatives?

hire exercise equipment stay fit during the pandemic

Gym Closures

As a result of gym closures it is important to look for new ways to workout. Such as signing up for online fitness classes or utilising rent to own fitness equipment.

Health experts tell us that moderate exercise is not only crucial to build a healthy immune system but it is also important for mental health. At a time when the world is in complete upheaval it is more important the ever to stay sane.

Regular exercising will help to ease the stress and mental health impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. How can you start? You probably have more time on your hands so why not use it positively.

Try enrolling in online fitness classes

Is your gym closing due to coronavirus? Are you looking for an alternative to remain fit while isolated in your home? Many gyms coronavirus response has been positive. Such as Plus fitness who have adapted to the situation by moving their fitness classes online. You can also download  their free Plus Fitness App to your smart phone.

rent to own tread mill stay fit during the pandemic

A great way to ramp up your fitness regime is to incorporate the use of fitness equipment. Every dollar counts in these times many people have lost their jobs due to the Covid-19. Now renting gym equipment may be a better option then buying.

Use a Treadmill

You can use a rental treadmill to warm up your muscles and limbs before starting a work out. Treadmills have the advantage of reducing the impact of running and walking on your body. This is due to their relatively soft surface.

Why not check out the rent to own treadmill we have on offer? You can even watch your favourite Netflix series while getting toned.

There are many great exercise routines online to take advantage of at this time. You can sign up for vigorous and popular 30 day challenges or classes for toning to build up that six-pack you’ve always wanted. If you are looking for increased flexibility try an online yoga class.

The app store is full of great and free choices to satisfy everyone. What kind of exercise will suit you? If you’re not sure just try everything to find out what you really like!

rent gym equipment stay fit during the pandemic

Set up a home gym

If you have access to your own fitness equipment gym closures won’t affect you as much. Good news is that if you’re looking for a home gym rental you’re in the right place. You can rent to own fitness equipment through Direct Appliance Rentals today!


DAR gives you the option to try out the equipment without having to outlay a large sum of money. A home gym set will help keep you motivated and enhance your home exercise routine.

Try a Elliptical Cross Trainer

elliptical cross trainer rental stay fit during the pandemic

Rent home gym equipment with us for a 12 or 24 month term and start getting fit right away. The best value for money is the elliptical cross trainer rental.  It gives you both strength building and cardio workout. This total body workout is ideal for people looking to improve their aerobic health while also targeting specific muscles.

The elliptical trainer has the advantage of being gentle on your ankles hips and knees. Making it a great option to enhance your health and wellbeing at any age.

Turn up the volume and dance

Turn on you favourite tunes and dance. There is nothing like your favourite tunes to lift your spirits up. Let you hair down and let loose, you won’t have to worry who’s watching. Dancing is a great way to help young kids expend energy.

Check out our audio equipment rental range here.

Get kids outside and do activities together

Do you have kids at home who are restless and can’t partake in their regular sports activities or classes? You can work on helping them build skill development. Refining their kickboxing moves, soccer, juggling skills or sidekicks will keep them physical and occupied.

Trampolines for fitness

Another great way to keep the kids active (and tire them out at the same time as a bonus) is to rent a trampoline for your backyard! We also have a swing set rental available that works just as well 😊

rent to own trampoline Stay Fit during pandemic

This can be an amazing opportunity to develop a positive activity based relationship with your kids. One that will live past the crisis. 

Traditional fitness equipment can be used to help build and strengthen the muscles needed for skill development. With the use of a treadmill, elliptical cross trainer or exercise bike you can choose to target and build specific muscles.

The advantage of using fitness equipment at this time means you can train extensively in a confined space. This allows teenagers and family members to expend excess energy.

Find a fitness chum

You don’t have to do this on your own. Get in contact with a friend who also wants to keep fit and set times to train together via FaceTime, Skype or another video platform.

Even with your gym closing due to coronavirus you can still enjoy a virtual exercise session together. Keeping fit in these times can still be fun and social. You will have the added bonus that you can keep each other accountable. Unlike when you are training on your own there will be no option to slack off.

Hop on an Exercise Bike

rent to own spin bike Stay Fit during pandemic

A fun option is to both use exercise bikes and set cycle challenges. There is nothing like a bit of competition to keep motivated. Rent the Bodyworx exercise bike which has the option to track speed, distance and time. This makes it perfect for virtual races.

It’s also suitable for beginners because it allows you to sit while you watch tv, I mean exercise!

The rewards of exercising are great

  • You will have released the feel good chemicals, like endorphins and serotonin
  • You will sleep better at night and be more energised in the day
  • You will feel a sense of accomplishment
  • You will bond and enjoy social connectivity with those you exercise with

So remember while regular physical exercise will help you cope with stress. When you have a daily routine it will help keep you motivated and positive. Don’t feel dis-heartened if you can’t achieve a long work out. Even 10 minutes of exercising will have a beneficial effect.

Keep active, Keep positive, stay safe!