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The best things about DYSON vacuum cleaner rentals

Vacuuming…no one really likes it (unless you’re my cleaning obsessed mother!) but it has to be done. Sigh.
An annoying household chore is made at least a million times worse when you’re lugging around a heavy old cheapo vacuum cleaner that stopped sucking anything up in 2005. You know that feeling after you’ve just done the floors when you take a step back to admire your handiwork and somehow everything ends up looking EXACTLY THE SAME?? Yep. Me too. Don’t worry, we have you covered!

Dyson vacuum cleaner rental - cordless


When the house is worse for wear and it’s time for that much needed weekly deep clean the Dyson cordfree vacuum cleaner. Capable of tackling a huge variety of surfaces to eradicate the worst grot and grime, from glossy tiled floors and deep plush carpets to even a ceiling! A great choice when versatility is a must.

Same great features as traditional Dyson vacuums

When you like breathing pure dust free air nothing beats Dyson vacuums HEPA filters technology, removing 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 micrometers. This ability to remove dust allergens and other harmful particles from the air makes it a top choice for anyone who suffers from allergies.

Everything you need is included

These smooth cordless machines have been made to operate without a bag and the filters are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Dyson has ensured that you won’t have to waste money buying additional bags, filters or any other extras through out the year. Yippee for the environment and your purse.

Ready for some heavy use

Reliable and well built the Dyson vacuums are made to take the knocks and blows of busy family life. Ingeniously they are made from the same durable material as crash helmets.

Animal friendly vacuum

Dyson has the solution to the bane of living with your four legged family friends. Their unwanted fur! The Dyson animal handstick vacuum comes with specialised attachments. Now you can get into even the most difficult spots.

Rent to own Dyson Animal Handstick Vacuum Tools

Specially designed with pets in mind to ensure you manage to suck up every last miniscule hair. After you are finished vacuuming your animal allergen friends can safely pop around for a visit. That is if you can keep your cat or dog away from them!!!


With your cord-free helper you can wiz through your house easily (earphones snuggly in place blasting your favourite tunes). Gliding from room to room unhindered by any cord and with 60 minutes of full powered suction you won’t even need to return to recharge. You will find that very quickly vacuuming will become a fun and satisfying cleaning mission.

Our Dyson upright small ball vacuum cleaner rental means you can have the best of the best for as little as $16 per week on a 24 month contract with free delivery Australia wide. Renowned as being lightweight but powerful, this great new appliance means that you can say goodbye to dirty kids’ feet and forking out money on a replacement vacuum every couple of months, and hello to spotless floors that even your mother would be proud of! With features including one click bin emptying and the latest ball technology, you’ll be left wondering why you didn’t invest in a Dyson product earlier.
Still not quite sure if renting a Dyson vacuum cleaner is the right choice for you? Check out all the awesome benefits below…

Suitable for multiple surfaces

The Dyson Upright vacuum is great for use on both hardwood floors and carpets, so now you can clean every room in the house with the one simple appliance! With a cord stretching an impressive 9.67 metres you’ll surely be able to get to all those hard to reach places, and may even be able to do the whole house from one power point – score!! It is also smaller than most vacuums with the same power meaning that you can save on much needed storage space.

Allergy friendly

As I know from personal experience, allergies are definitely not fun (once my doctor told me I had a dust mite allergy and should avoid dust at all costs….how on earth do you avoid DUST?!) and they can be easily aggravated with little particles flying around everywhere! The unique cyclone technology of this appliance is a dream come true for asthmatics as well because it captures bacteria and allergens.

2 year warranty

Are you like me and have the worst luck in the world with things breaking on you out of nowhere? Never fear, the Dyson small ball upright vacuum comes complete with a full two year warranty so all is good!


You can still apply for it! Fill out the online application form here and go to a local appliance store that stocks Dysons near you. All you need to do is ask them to give you a quote including delivery for the one that best suits your needs!

Anyone else have a dog that acts like this when you whip out the vacuum?? Ha
Dog for blog

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