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Top 8 Essential appliance rentals for your home

What are the top 8 essential appliance rentals? Think of the appliances you use everyday that you wouldn’t want to live without. From the most trusted washing machine to the more humble heater. There are a host of appliances we have become accustomed to sharing our homes with and would be lost without.

Top 8 Essential kitchen appliance rentals - Rent to own

1. Fridge – Keeping it Chill

Number one on the list? You guessed it! Who can live with out a fridge? You can stock it up full of fresh delicious groceries and keep the freezer section crammed full of your favourite treats, just so you can be certain that you have them on hand when you need them. Thank you fridge.

Fridges make your life that bit easier not only by keeping your food fresh and your drinks perfectly chilled. They also help to keep your groceries perfectly organised and save you from driving constantly to the shops to pick up daily items. Thus less petrol wasted, less time spent!

Top 8 Essential kitchen appliance rentals - Rent to own Fridge
Huge range of rent to own fridges to choose from

Prolonging the life span of your food means there will be less wastage, while also keeping everything at the optimum temperature to keep those nasty scary bacteria at bay.

If you are looking to rent essential appliances for your home such as a fridge rental you can cherry pick from an impressive variety to suit your customised needs. Do you prefer the freezer on the top or down below?

2. Freezer – Help save you time and money

Freezers are one of our modern day appliance heroes. They are great for the larger family or for the person who likes to be prepared and stocked up with supplies. Freezers are one of the best options for storing your produce long term. You can get creative to save on time by using ice cube trays to store your sauces, pesto or stock.

A handy time saver if you have a busy schedule is to cook in batches. Make double or triple what you need and store the surplus in your rental freezer. Write and attach a tag to the container before you freeze it so you remember what you cooked, it is amazing how easy it is to forget.

Top 8 Essential kitchen appliance rentals - Rent to own freezer
Perfect for extra food storage – spacious freezers to rent

There are some products that aren’t good to freeze. Most high water content vegetables or fruit, such as lettuce or cucumber can turn quiet soggy once thawed out. Not the most appealing! Milk based products can separate when they are frozen, so even though they are safe to eat, you might not enjoy them.

You can rent a freezer online, what would your pick be, chest or standing? When you rent appliances online you enjoy the convenience of having the appliances delivered directly to your door so you won’t have to worry about trying to lift one of these through your door.

Rent to own freezer

3. Washing Machine – Prefer not to visit a Laundromat?

It is possible that some people enjoy visiting their local Laundromat or the arduous task of washing their entire families clothes by hand. You can’t deny we are all different. But if this isn’t you, then you will definitely be in agreement that a washing machine is one of the top appliance rentals. Hailed as one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century and not without good reason.

Top 8 Essential kitchen appliance rentals - Rent to own washing machine
Skip the Laundromat – rent to own a quality washing machine

One of the bonuses when you rent essential appliances online such as a washing machines is that you have the flexibility to change the appliance at the end of the rental term.

This means if you find the washing machine rental is not the right fit for you and your family you can downsize to a smaller washing machine or upgrade to a larger more sophisticated appliance. The freedom is yours.

4. Clothes Dryer – Must have in Winter

The clothes dryer makes it to the top 10 of recommended appliance rentals. You might be able to get through the summer easy enough without one, but you can’t beat having one on hand in winter.

If you have a week of drizzly wet days it’s nothing short of a strategic masterminds task trying to dry soggy clothes on the washing line. How hard is it to catch them dry before the next sneaky winter rain cloud soaks them completely through again.

Top 8 Essential kitchen appliance rentals - Rent to own clothes dryer
Fantastic range of quality Clothes Dryer rentals to choose from

When you have a clothes dryer you can pop your wet clothes inside, push the button and in no time they will be ready to wear. Dryers are also useful through out the year, when you need school uniforms washed and dried fast.

You can chose from the some of the best clothes dryer brands, larger more robust dryers for the bigger family or a more compact one to fit snuggly into a small apartment.

5 & 6. Heater or Air Con – An appliance for every season

Summer is the season you will be the most grateful to have an air conditioner. Not many people can survive temperatures over 30 degrees without one. If your air conditioner breaks down in the middle of a heat wave and you don’t have the cash up front to buy a new one, renting to own is a convenient and practical solution.


You won’t have to opt for many sleepless nights involving the use of fans and wet sheets to help cool the air. You can opt to rent to own air conditioners before you have managed to save the cash for a new one.

Top 8 Essential kitchen appliance rentals - Rent to own air con
Don’t Sweat the heat this summer – rent an Air Conditioner

When the summer heat has wanned you will want to ensure you have good heating for the colder days of winter. Snuggling up under the bed covers to watch a movie with your favourite beverage might be fun for a couple of nights but I assure you it loses its glamorous snuggle appeal if it’s every night. This factor secures portable heater rentals place in the top ten picks for people who rent essential appliances online.

Top 8 Essential kitchen appliance rentals - Rent to own heaters
Keep warm in winter – rent a portable heater with DAR

7. Dishwasher – Customer’s reviews count

Our Essential rentals reviews from customers have reported which are their favourite appliances to rent. Customers have reported that although the dishwasher rental is not always considered the most essential appliance for every household it is one of the must have household appliances when you have a family. Saving not only valuable time but the stress of allocating household chores. 

Top 8 Essential kitchen appliance rentals - Rent to own dishwasher
Need a kitchen helper – rent to own a deluxe dishwasher

8. Kitchen Stove – The oldest and most trusted

What house is complete without a kitchen stove. Absolutely none! In all corners of the world you will find the trusty oven tops the list of essential home appliances. It comes in all shapes and sizes and is our accomplice in making sure we have the tastiest meals to eat.

Although Direct Appliance Rentals does not currently display this item on their website it is still possible to secure a rental term of your preferred brand of stove. Just get in touch through Direct Appliance Rentals contact and let our team know which oven you’d like for your kitchen.

Top 8 Essential kitchen appliance rentals - Rent to own kitchen stove
Stove Rentals – DAR can organise your choice of appliance

Other appliances that didn’t make it onto the top 8 essential appliance list, are items such as the toaster, electric kettle and the modern microwave. The microwave is the ovens modern partner in crime. Making delicious meals, while ramping up the speed so we can have what we need when we need it, ASAP.

If you are looking for a microwave or any other item not on Direct Appliance Rentals website just get in touch, we can source all appliances and arrange a favourable rental term for you, so that you can rent kitchen appliances that you want most and have them delivered directly to your door.

Top 8 Essential kitchen appliance rentals - Rent to own cooker

Rent essential appliances online –It’s easy!

With the flexibility of renting over buying you can see if the appliance is the right fit for you and your family. Does it suit your daily needs? You might find at the end of the rental period that you have realised you want to upgrade to a more powerful air conditioner or downsize to a smaller fridge to fit into a new kitchen.

When you are renting an appliance you can. Another great bonus when you rent essential appliances online is that they come under warranty and are delivered straight to your door. All you need to do is pick a product and fill in an online form. Direct Appliance Rentals has one of the fastest response rates in Australia giving you your answer within 4 business hours.