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Which Washing Machine Should You Get?

So have you just moved and need to rent a washing machine? Looking for an upgrade? Or has your washing machine broken down?  Undecided on which type or what size you need for your household?

Which washing machine should you get? rent to own - washing machines

Like all other household appliances there is such a large choice of washing machines to choose from. Each offers different features and claims to be the best for your style of home. We can help you figure it out.

Let’s start with the question of whether you want a Front loader, Top loader, or Washer Dryer Combo? The answer will mainly depend on the space allocated for your new washing machine. Will your new washing machine be placed under a bench, in an open space and do you have room in your house for a dryer (if needed)?

The three main washing machines available on the market are:

Top Loader

These washers have their door on the top of the machine. So it is ideal for an open space. Top loaders come in two different varieties. The Agitator and the Impeller. The Agitator uses the central pole to move the items around. In contrast the Impeller uses a device at the bottom of the machine to push water up which then moves the clothes around.

Which washing machine should you get? rent to own - washing machines
Want the gentlest wash – rent to own a top loader

The advantage of a top loader is that they are generally cheaper to buy, have faster wash cycles and can open mid cycle. That is great when you need to add that stray sock or to retrieve something that was left in the pockets by mistake.

Top loaders are also more reliable than front loaders, and generally have a better rinse performance. Top load washers are usually the quieter machine of the two.


Front loader 

Front loaders have their door placed at the front of the washing machine. It makes them ideal for a laundry that has benches or a smaller space. These operate with less water then the top loader, using an internal drum to move the clothes around.

Which washing machine should you get? rent to own - washing machines
Rent to own with DAR a top loader the most efficient washer

The advantage of this style of washer is that they are more energy efficient and economical with water usage making them the cheapest washer to run.

Other added advantage is the spin cycle that leaves clothes drier, but is gentle on your clothes. Another added bonus – front loaders have a wider choice of cycle programs and temperature options.

Washer Dryer Combo

So this is a front load washing machine that has all the same benefits as a front loader but with the added extra benefit of also being a dryer. It’s two machines in one!! No more having to move your clothes from the washer to the dryer, Yay!

It is a perfect solution for those with limited space. But these washers are on the pricey side, generally take longer to dry then a normal dryer and use more water then any of the other washing machines on the market.

There are also dual load washers – two washing machines in one. They are an auto dosing washer, automatically adding the right amount of detergent needed per wash.

Which washing machine should you get? rent to own - washing machines
Don’t miss out on the laundry hot specials!

Size compatibility

Next let’s focus on making sure you are getting the right size washing machine rental. One that will fit into the laundry space allocated and that is also adequate in size for the family members in your household.

This is important as (1) it must be large enough to be suitable for your current or growing family. (2) must be the right size, not too large or small and therefore not economy friendly. (3) must be nice to your wallet and use time efficiently.

For example the 10kg top loader washing machine is capable of washing up to 10kg of clothes. Perfect for the larger family! Whereas the 5kg front loader washing machine is the right fit for the smaller family.

Washing machine capacity is displayed in kilograms. Showing how much dry weight of clothes, towels and other items they are capable of washing. Check out this simple guide to find the right size for you:

5 – 6 kg 7 – 8.5 kg 9kg +
1 – 2 people 3 – 4 people 5+ people
15 – 25 t-shirts 25 – 40 t-shirts 40+ t-shirts
4 – 6 towels 7 – 8 towels 9+ towels
1 single doona 1 double/queen doona 1 king size doona

Energy efficiency rating

All rent to own washing machines have a label attached showing their energy rating. This is displayed as stars. The more stars the more energy efficient the machine is. Bear in mind this is based on only the same machines of that capacity. There is also a number attached which shows the overall Kilowatt hours per year it uses to run.